JOSÉ Luís Vaz

It was in the late nineteenth century that José Luís Vaz stood out at the time in the inhospitable Douro Transmontano for his entrepreneurial vision and this disruptive thinking which earned him the status of Regedor of the small parish of Candoso in the municipality of vila flor.
The planting of indigenous varieties of olive trees in his estates within Douro Transmontano, the production of cider from th wild apples he planted in his orchards, the making of generoso wine vinegar were some of the testimonials left by him.


“ The Douro Demarcated Region (DDR) extends along the Douro River and its tributaries over 250.000 hectares between Barqueiros (West) and Barca d'alva (East) ”
Almost two centuries later, already in the 4th generation, their great-grandchildren retrived the bula from the bottom of the chest, readjusted processes and formulas and designed unique products.
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